Pumpkin, Apple and Potato Bake

With just a few days until Halloween, the offers in all the supermarkets trying to get rid of their pumpkins were a steal! I haven’t ever eaten that many dishes with pumpkin in but have always enjoyed what I’ve tried yet I’ve never cooked with pumpkins myself before. [Read more...]

Spiced Roasted Butternut Squash

I love this time of year when all the delicious seasonal vegetables are available and everywhere to be seen in the supermarkets. From parsnips, pumpkins, aubergines and beetroot I love all the in season vegetables but one my favourites has to be butternut squash.

[Read more...]

Chocolate and Coconut Cookie Dough Bites and Biscuits

After the success of my original cookie dough energy bites, I’ve been making so many for my family and I felt like mixing up the flavours a little. I have the biggest sweet tooth and no matter how many delicious healthy fruits and treats there are available, sometimes just nothing bar the taste of chocolate will satisfy it! [Read more...]

Soft Bake Cookies

I try and post a wide variety of recipes for everyone to try out, both really simple and some which take a bit more time and effort. In the recipe below you might, like me a few months ago, come across a few ingredients you haven’t heard of or have in the cupboard at home but don’t give up there! [Read more...]

Warm Corn Tortilla with Quorn Chicken and Vegan Cheese

Since starting my blog I seem to want to make a blog post out of almost everything I make and eat, todays lunch was no different. I was intending on making a quick wrap for myself but once I laid out my ingredients I knew I was on to something tasty and decided to get out my camera! [Read more...]

Chinese Chicken Spring Rolls with Peanut and Orange Sauce

A Chinese has always been my favourite kind of takeaway and one of my overall favourite foods, I love all the different flavours such as plum, lemon and peanut in the dishes. Unfortunately since struggling with my stomach difficulties I, like many people, am left with awful side effects after a take-away or ready meal, including headaches and stomach pains. [Read more...]

Johnny Cakes Recipe and Review of BabyCakes Cookbook by Erin Mckenna

I was given this book by a friend last Christmas. On my first flick through, all the pictures look delicious and I was torn over what to make first. This book is full of completely vegan recipes, along with most of them also being gluten and sugar free. [Read more...]

Scrambled Egg Breakfast – Are Egg Whites Alone Really Healthier?

I have read many articles, recipes and diets promoting the use of egg whites and excluding the yolk. Much of my diet is vegan and excludes milk, butter, cheese however I have never had any problems with egg so do often make dishes including egg. Not only do I love the taste and versatility of cooking with an egg, but they are also a great source of protein to my diet. [Read more...]

Power Packed Flapjacks and All About Oats!

Up until just last year I was never a big fan of oats, I always imagined them tasting very dull and being very heavy on my stomach but with all the known health benefits of oats I began to look in to ways I could get them in to my diet [Read more...]

Crispy Peanut Chicken on a Warm Bed of Spinach

So many of my recipes I post are vegan and use a lot of meat alternatives but I’m not actually a vegetarian and do occasionally enjoy meat dishes. [Read more...]