Warm Corn Tortilla with Quorn Chicken and Vegan Cheese

Since starting my blog I seem to want to make a blog post out of almost everything I make and eat, todays lunch was no different. I was intending on making a quick wrap for myself but once I laid out my ingredients I knew I was on to something tasty and decided to get out my camera! [Read more...]

Tempeh and Vegan Cheese Sandwich – Plus All About Food Intolerance’s and Living Around Them

Since my diet has changed so much over the past year, I have found myself cutting out a lot of dishes I used to eat regularly and enjoy. [Read more...]

Diced Tempeh Salad Topping on Black Pepper Ryvita

I had some tempeh left over from my noodle dish yesterday and the packet says, after defrosted use within 3 days so I wanted to make sure it didn’t go to waste. [Read more...]

Lemon fried tempeh, with homemade ginger and pineapple sauce served with rice noodles

I’m not a vegetarian but with such a sensitive stomach, much of my diet has become vege as I find it a lot easier to digest plus it’s so healthy. [Read more...]

Healthy Potato Skins

Tonight I am making potato skins on a bed of salad. I love jacket potatoes but often find eating a whole potato, very stodgy and filling and it can leave my stomach feeling very bloated. This recipe is a simple way to cut out bloating and extra carbs and introduce more vegetables in to your diet. [Read more...]