Scrambled Egg Breakfast – Are Egg Whites Alone Really Healthier?

I have read many articles, recipes and diets promoting the use of egg whites and excluding the yolk. Much of my diet is vegan and excludes milk, butter, cheese however I have never had any problems with egg so do often make dishes including egg. Not only do I love the taste and versatility of cooking with an egg, but they are also a great source of protein to my diet. [Read more...]

Power Packed Flapjacks and All About Oats!

Up until just last year I was never a big fan of oats, I always imagined them tasting very dull and being very heavy on my stomach but with all the known health benefits of oats I began to look in to ways I could get them in to my diet [Read more...]

Fruit Crunch Breakfast Tower with Homemade Vegan Alternative to Yoghurt

This morning I had a little more time to make myself some breakfast, I looked in the fridge and found lots of berries I bought a few days ago which needed eating up. The idea of this breakfast tower then came to mind [Read more...]

Tasty Banana Berry and Oat Breakfast Bars

Routine is important in any diet but I know how hard it can be to follow a healthy eating pattern when you have a busy  schedule. Rushing around in the morning, trying to get out the door on time, means that I often don’t have time to make a perfectly balanced breakfast. [Read more...]