Review – Lazy Day – Millionaires Shortbread

Millionaires shortbread always reminds me of when I used to get squares of it for desert when I was in primary school, there was hardly any shortbread at all, mostly just a thick layer of oozing caramel and an even thicker layer of chocolate, they were delicious but I certainly can’t get away with eating them every day after lunch anymore! These however are a slightly less guilty version still with lots of taste!

Taste – The shortbread bases on these slices are moist, light and don’t have that overly buttery taste of shortbread. The caramel reminds me more of a layer of crumbly fudge rather than runny caramel, it’s the perfect amount and I personally loved the taste. They are topped off with a thin layer of chocolate, I like that the biscuit is only one third topping as it’s enough to give that taste without it being overly sweet or sickly.

Cost/ Value for Money – I bought these for £3.15 at my local health food store for 5 slices. With the quality of ingredients in these and the well established brand I would say that this is a reasonable price and after trying the product, would buy them again at this price. However if I was buying for my family on a budget this wouldn’t be my first choice as you only get five.

Use – I think these are perfect for sharing with guests; it’s nice to all be able to enjoy the same treat over a drink or even as a desert and not be the outsider with your intolerances. I wouldn’t suggest these for lunches or on the go, they are not individually wrapped and the can be quiet crumbly so even if you wrapped them yourself I’d imagine they would crumble or break.

Nutrition – These bars are approximately 150kcal each which I would say is worth it for how good they taste! They are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and hydrogenated fats. This makes these slices great for people with intolerances and allergies but also the alternative ingredients used are healthier so even if you are on a diet and looking for a healthy alternative this certainly is an option.


  • Ideal for sharing
  • Fresh and moist homemade taste
  • Not too high in calories and fat
  • Not ideal for ‘on the go’ or lunch boxes
  • Not ideal for budgets or feeding families