Review – Hale and Hearty – Pure Oat Flapjack Super Snack

I made my own delicious Power Packed Flapjacks recently and in the post spoke about how much I love flapjacks but unfortunately they are often packed with bad ingredients. However today I came across an exception to this in my local health food store with these Hale&Hearty flapjacks.

Taste – I always make my own flapjack now so I haven’t tried a shop bought one in a very long time. I was pleasantly surprised at how moist these were as flapjacks can often go dry easily. They were just sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth without being sickly and the sunflowers seeds gave them a nice change in texture from just plain oat.

Cost/Value for Money – These cost me £2.95 for five small slices. I think this is a good price as they could last you for a snack or desert to your lunch all through the week. Considering how cheap it is to make flapjacks in large batches homemade though this does make buying 5 at this price in my opinion only worth it if you don’t have time to make your own.

Use – My favourite thing about these bars is they are individually wrapped making them ideal for lunch boxes and on the go but they aren’t the type of thing I would share round with guests.

Nutrition – These are made with healthy ingredients as alternatives to butter and 60% of flapjack is made up of oats, sunflower seeds and raisins, all packed with energy and health benefits. They are 165kcal per slice which makes them a good snack or side to control high calorie and fat levels, plus this the ingredients in this provide your body with good fats, protein and carbs which your body uses and burns in a different way to 165 calories of chocolate. Also this makes a nutritious snack for lunch times and on the go as they made up with oats which are known to have slow burning qualities which give you energy.


  •  Individually wrapped – ideal for lunches, road trips, on the go snacking
  • Contain oats, raisins and sunflower seed, all with known health benefits
  • Taste really moist and sweet
    •  You get 5 smaller bars for this price – would be cost effective to make your own if feeding larger numbers (check out my recipe here!)
    • Each slice contains 9.1g of fat – although this is mostly good fats from the oats, not an ideal snack for a low fat diet


    Have you ever tried these? Or can you recommend any other healthy shop bought flapjacks? Please leave your comments below! :)